What is a continent called?

The largest unit of land area on Earth is called a continent

There are 7 continents in the world.


Asia is the largest continent in the world.


The area of ​​this continent is 4,44,44,100 sq km.


About 29.5% of the world's land area is. There are 44 countries in this vast landmass.


The total area of this continent is 10900000 sq km.


A total of 46 countries in these


The area of he continent of Africa is 20.2% .

In which there are 54 countries. It's highest temperature is 58℃. And the temperature min is -24℃.

North America

The area of North America is 24236000 sq km.

North America

The longest river in North America is the Mississippi Missouri.

South America is 11.8% of the total area. Its highest point is Ageas del Salado.

Australia is the smallest continent in the world.

It has 6 big cities, of which Sydney is the largest.

-The high temperature here is 53℃.

It is entirely in the Southern Hemisphere