types of weather in india

A year in India is divided into the following seasons. 1- North East Monsoon season 1- Winter 2- Summer season 2.- Southwest monsoon season 1- Rainy season 2- Monsoon withdrawal season

north east monsoon season in india

The winds blowing from the land towards the sea are called North East Monsoon. Since these winds come from dry land, they never cause rain. When these winds cross the Bay of Bengal, they pick up moisture and their direction changes to the north-east. These winds collide with the hills of the Eastern Ghats and cause rain. This is the reason why it rains in Tamil Nadu in winters.

winter season

The winter season in India is from November to February. In North India, there is more cold and cold wave in this season. And there is snowfall in the hilly areas. High air pressure is found in North India and low air pressure is found in the Indian Ocean. At this time the winds blow from the land towards the sea.

what is distribution of rainfall in india

Seasonal distribution of rainfall in India:- 1-North West Monsoon - January to February -2.6% 2-Pre-monsoon- mey -10.0% 3. Post-monsoon - June to September - 13.3% 4- South West Monsoon - June to September -93.7%

arrival date of monsoon in india

Region wise arrival date of monsoon in India:- 1- Andaman and Nicobar Islands - in the third week of May 2- Kerala - in the first 4 days of June 3- Konkan - in the first week of June 4- West Bengal - In the first week of June 5- Eastern Uttar Pradesh - 2nd week of June 8- Goa- June 5 9- Bombay- June 10 10- Calcutta - June 7 11- Ahmedabad- June 15 12- Delhi - June 29