what is transportation

In Pari + Vahan, Pari means to cross and Vahan means to walk, that is, the meaning of transport is to walk or cross a path. Transport is the movement of goods and people from one place to another.

how many types of transport are there

There are three main types of transport. as written below . 1- Land transport 2- Water transport 3- Air transport

what is ground transportation

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Land Transport- This transport has developed with human civilization. It is the easiest and most accessible mode of transport on the ground. Which is used for the transportation of goods and humans. It is of two types. (a) Road transport (b) Rail transport

water transport

This transport is done in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, canals and seas. Which is cheap but takes longer time. Water transport is the first contributor to international trade.

air transportation

Title 2This transportation is done in a certain air route. Due to which traveling from one place to another is done in less time. But its rent is high. The development of this transport develops after the first war. The major factors for the development of air transport are sufficient number of passengers, good capital investment and open area etc.