what is water resource

Water Resources - Water is the most valuable gift of nature. Water is life . If water is there, there is future. It is not possible to imagine life without water. In nature, water is essential for both living beings and animals, which are used by humans in many ways for their welfare. So that their life cycle continues smoothly.

What are the main sources of water resources?

 Water is that source, which is useful for living beings. Whose availability on earth is 97.4% salt water and 2.6% fresh water. Ground water accounts for 30% of the fresh water available in nature. 68.7% is available in the form of glaciers and ice caps. 0.30% parts are found in rivers, lakes, ponds and 0.90% in other forms

Classification of major sources of water

Classification of major sources of water -surface water -ground water

Sources of surface water

Sources of surface water sea; canals, ponds, ponds, check dams, lakes, sewers

sources of ground water

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Sources of ground wate

Sources of ground water Coupe, Hades break coupe, summersable, hand pump, tuvel