Rocks meaning

जब पृथ्वी के भूगर्भित घटनाओ के पश्चात वे पदार्थों का सम्मिशण  जो भू पर्त -पपड़ी पर पाये जाते है ,उसे  Rocks  कहते  है

Igneous rocks

When the hot and liquid magma and lava released from the volcano cool down, it is called Igneous Rocks.

Intrusive rocks

Due to the high temperature inside the ground, it remains in a hard to hard melt state. So something melts on the earth and comes. And it becomes solid inside some, it is called penetrating rock. 📷

Sedimentary rocks

The formation of rocks is done by the stones and powder brought by the rivers and strong winds. remains and It is caused by the aggregation of plants.

Metamorphic rocks

Metamorphic rock is formed by extreme heat, pressure, heat 📷

Earth's crust How many major elements are found in the structure?

Made up of 8 major elements. In oxygen is made up of silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, an.d magnesium

In which rock do fossils get destroyed?