what is power resource

The resource from which energy is created is called power resource. For example, coal is a conventional power resource. And solar energy is prominent in non-conventional

How many types of power resources are there?

There are two types of power resources- 1-Renewable power resources 2-Non-renewable power source

renewable power resources

Renewable Energy Resources - The source which keeps on being regenerated is called renewable energy resources such as solar energy, hydroelectricity, biomass, wind energy and bio-fuel etc.

non-renewable power resources

Non-renewable power resources - The power resources which are found in limited form. Due to the use of which it ends gradually. They are not regenerated, they are called non-renewable energy resources. For example, coal, mineral oil, natural gas, atomic energy


1-Anthacite coal - This coal is the most It is of the best type, in which the maximum amount of carbon is 85 to 95%. 2- Bituminous coal- It contains 55-65% carbon content. , It was built in the Gondwana era 3- Lignite coal - It is called brown coal. 4- Pit coal - is the lowest grade coal.