Mineral oil in non-renewable energy resource

Mineral oil is also called petroleum. The literal meaning of petroleum is rock oil, which is a mixture of hydrocarbon compounds. Petrol, diesel, gasoline and wax etc. are obtained from this. It comes from sedimentary rocks of Tertiary age

Who is among the four top mineral oil producing nations in the world?

Among the four top mineral oil producing nations in the world, which are as follows. First - Saudi Arabia II - Russia III - U.S.A. IV - Iran

natural gas

The origin of natural gas is associated with mineral oil which is located above the oil reservoir. Due to excessive heat and pressure, gas etc. is produced along with oil. The oil that comes out at the time of well drilling. Which are used in industry, factory, airplane transport and food etc.

Name of the largest natural gas producing country in the world- First - Russia II - U.S.A.Russia III - Canada IV - Great Britain

Name of the country with the largest natural gas reserves in the world- 1 - C.I.A. 2- Iran 3- Qatar 4 - Saudi Arabia