major soil types in india

types of soil in india 1- Alluvial soil 2- Black soil 3- Red soil 4- Latelite soil 5- Sandy soil 6 - Mountain soil

Alluvial Soil

lAlluvial Soil - This is the most important and largest category of India. Which covers 24% of the earth's surface. Its output is due to the substances brought by the rivers. This is called Kachari or Kaap Mati. Rivers collect new alluvial soil from floods every year.

Khadar- The new alluvial soil is called Khadar, which is brought by the floods of the rivers. In which rice, sugarcane, wheat and vegetables are grown.

Bangar- This is old alluvial soil. In which rice, sugarcane, wheat, barley, oilseeds, pulses and vegetables are grown.