What is the longitude line called? 📷

The semicircle on which the northern hemisphere is drawn meeting the southern hemisphere is called lthe ine of longitude. 📷

How many longitudes are there in a circle? 📷


How many km are there in 1° longitude? 📷

111. 32 km 📷

What is the line of latitude called? 📷

The line drawn parallel to the equator from east to west and at the same distance.

What is the equator?

The equator is the line which cuts the earth into two equal hemispheres.

Through which countries does the Tropic of Cancer pass?

This line India, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Mexico, Algeria, West Sahara Egypt Mauritania, Oman, Mali, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Libya

Where does the Greenwich Line pass through? 📷

The Bering Strait passes through the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Sea in a 180° opposite direction from Green Beach, England.

How many minutes are in 1°? 📷

4 minutes