irrigation definition

In addition to rain, the process of providing water to plants and crops is called irrigation. Or the method of giving water by artificial method to produce different types of agricultural produce is called irrigation.

most expensive means of irrigation in india

Means of irrigation: - Main sources of irrigation in India 1-There are tube wells and wells which account for 62.82%. 2-23.66% from canals and 3-2.52% by ponds                              Irrigation is done from other sources.

Title 2various irrigation methods in india

Following are the methods of irrigation in India - 1- Surface method 2- Underground method 3- Drip method 4- Sprinkler method

surface method 1- flow method or water flotation method 2- Kyari or Barha method 3- Kund method 4- Thala Method 4.2- Underground method - 1- Natural method 2- Artificial method

drip method