what is the international boundary line

The lines which divide two sovereign countries are called International Boundary Lines. The power and governance of a country has a different identity from the boundary line. It maintains the sovereignty of that country. Inside which there is a government. Whose job is to protect and control its border line.

Classification of International Boundary LinesClassification of International Boundary Lines

International boundary lines have been classified on the basis of origin, settlement boundary line, anterior boundary line, posterior boundary line, residual borderline, superimposed boundary line

भारत की प्रमुख सीमा रेखाएं

Major border lines of India - 1- McMahon Line 2- Radcliffe Line 3- Durand Line 4-24 V parallel line 5- Troposcatter Line

McMahon Line

McMahon Line - It is the boundary line between India and China which is 700 miles long. Its settlement was done by Sir McMahon in 1914.

Radcliffe Line

Radcliffe Line - The border agreement between Pakistan and India took place on 15 August 1947. Whose length is 3310 km. The outline of this border was determined by Sir Radcliffe.

Durand Line

Durand Line

Durand Line

Durand Line - There is a border agreement between India and Afghanistan. This boundary was settled by Sir Martimer Durand of Britain in 1896. Which Afghanistan does not accept. Whose length is 2641 km.