What is the salinity of the ocean called?

The pollution salts etc. dissolved in the water of the ocean is called the salinity of the ocean. Ocean salinity is the amount of salt present per thousand grams of water.

Where is the highest salinity found in the world?

Highest salinity in the world - 330% in Van Lake in Turkey

Which ocean has the highest salinity in the world?

The highest salinity in the world is the Dead Sea, 238%, which is in the continent of Asia.

Which is the largest salt water lake of the United States of America?

United States has the largest salt water lake - Great Salt Lake 220%

Which is the largest brackish water lake in India?

India's largest brackish water lake is - Chilka Lake (in Orissa Raj)

Which ocean of India has the highest salinity?

The highest salinity is in the Arabian Sea of INDIA

Which salt is present in maximum quantity in sea water?

sodium chloride - 77.8%

How do you measure ocean salinity?

Measures ocean salinity - Saline Nectar Instrument