continent of north america

The continent of North America was discovered by Columbus in 1492. This continent was discovered later, hence it is called the continent New World. Because the sailor Amerigo Vespucci first went to its land part, that is why it is known as America. Which is 9 °. N to 71 °. 50 ° from N latitude. W 0 to 168 °. P 0 lies between the longitudes.

major rivers of america

Major rivers of North America continent 1 Mississippi - Missouri River: - It is the largest river of this continent. Its length is 6020 km. 2- Mackenzie River 3-Yukan River 4-St Lawrence River

Highest mountain in North America

North America continent major mountain- Rocky mountain range: - This is a new folded mountain range, which was formed in the Tertiary era. Which is located in the continent of North America. And its length is 4800 km and height is 6050 meters.

Who are the 5 largest cities in North America by area?

North America's 5 largest cities in terms of area (sq km)- Canada - 99,70,610 United States of America - 96,29,047 Mexico - 19,64,382 Nicaragua - 1,29,494 Cuba - 1,14,525