atomic energy minerals

The energy of atomic power is found in atomic minerals found in nature. Which is used in weapons, atomic bombs and aircraft fuel. But the use of these atomic minerals is sometimes disastrous. The atomic strength minerals are given below.


Uranium- It is a heavy metal. It is also called fissionable metal. Nuclear energy is generated from it. Which occurs in Archean rocks - Pigmatite, Monazite, Sand and Cherlite. The principal ore of uranium is pitchblade, summerskite thorianite.

Name of the largest uranium producing country in the world

ame of the country producing maximum uranium in the world- First - Kazakhstan II - Canada III - U.S.A.N


Thorium- It is obtained from monazite sand. It is used in nuclear energy production. It is used in aircraft. Which is formed from the rocks of the Pre-Cambian period. India is the leading thorium producing nation in the world. Thorium is found in large quantities in Australia, the United States of America and India.

atomic energy minerals

atomic energy minerals