water resources crisis

Today the demand for water is high all over the world. Because the population of the world is increasing. Today the whole world is dependent on industrialization for economic progress. They need water to run smoothly. Which is done for the cleaning of their parts etc. In which water is used unplanned and uncontrolled. Due to which water crisis has arisen.

What is the reason for the deepening crisis of water resources?

The following are the reasons for the deepening crisis of water resources - increasing population, industrialization urbanization indiscriminate felling of trees unplanned use of water conventional irrigation lack of public consciousness lack of rain environmental pollution

water conservation and harvesting

The following are the methods of conservation and accumulation. Rain Water Harvesting System System by building a pond pond renovation by by checkdam by renovation of coupes gutter and drain cleaning interlinking of rivers Drip and sprinkler method in irrigation low water consumption farming Village water in the village and farm water in the field by Vriksha Ropar